We may be obsessed with Cleopatra…

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…but can you blame us?

The Queen of the Nile has been featured in more MSC productions, and portrayed by more performers, than any other character in our 10-year history:

  • Antony and Cleopatra (2013, Deanna Martinez)
  • An Evening’s Affair (2015, Michael Fleischman)
  • A Valentine’s Affair 2018 (Mary Fairweather Dexter)
  • Sloshed Antony and Cleopatra (2018, Marie Freese)
  • Desires (selection from Caesar and Cleopatra, 2021, Madeleine O’Keefe)
  • A Valentine’s Affair 2022 (Madeleine O’Keefe)

We sat down to discuss Cleo with the first and latest models, Deanna and Madeleine, as they prepare the return of the high-energy Messenger scene to AVA 2022. Watch below, and get your tickets.