New dangers. New mischief. Same old Falstaff.

In the sequel to Henry the Fourth, England is thrown into chaos by rebellion, sibling rivalry, and the most devious ruffians who ever skipped out on a bar bill.

Featuring returning players from 2018’s Henry the Fourth, including Sam D. White as Falstaff, Brian McGowan as Prince Hal, and Tom Kastle as King Henry the Fourth.

Performances in February 2019 on the Bartell Theatre’s Drury Stage.

Fri, Feb 8 – 7:30pm
Sat, Feb 9 – 7:30pm
Sun, Feb 10 – 2:00pm

Fri, Feb 15 – 7:30pm
Sat, Feb 16 – 2:00pm

Tom Kastle – King Henry IV
Brian McGowan – Prince Hal
Isaac Brieske – John of Lancaster
Henry Malueg – Humphrey
Warren Hansen – Northumberland
Jason Compton – Archbishop
Christian Stevenson – Lord Mowbray
Jacob Bortell – Colevile
Ben Seidensticker – Westmoreland
Ethan Richard – Gower
Colleen Murphy – Chief Justice
Sam D. White – Falstaff
Chelsea Troost – Poins
Joe Molloy – Bardolph
Jacob Lange – Pistol
Will Karls – Falstaff’s Page
Nina Davis – Mistress Quickly
Jennifer Estes – Doll Tearsheet
Harvey Black – Justice Shallow
Emma Ferron – Davy
Shane Heim – Mouldy
Jon Rowe – Bullcalf
Carlos Avalos – Feeble
Jackson Rosenberry – Snare
Jason Summerlott – Fang
Kierstyn Torres – Sneak

Directed by Francisco C. Torres
Stage managed by Michele Brucker