Follow this link for information about Shakespeare In the Park in 2023!

To celebrate Madison Shakespeare Company’s 10th anniversary and commemorate the date of William Shakespeare’s death in 1616, we organized Shakespeare In the Park: An Anniversary Celebration, a day-long festival of readings and performances at Madison’s Rennebohm Park Shelter on Saturday April 23 2022, from 11 AM to 8 PM.

This anniversary celebration will include readings of three Shakespeare plays:

11:30 AM – Romeo and Juliet
2:00 PM – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
4:00 PM – Henry the Sixth, A Tiger’s Heart (with the generous cooperation of Ithaca Shakespeare Company and Stephen Ponton)

Park shelter seating will be available, and attendees are also welcome to bring their own seating and blankets. Rennebohm Park is located near Hilldale on Madison’s west side, with an official street address of 115 N. Eau Claire Avenue. It is also bordered by Sheboygan Avenue, Segoe Road, and Regent Street.