Stay out (a little) late with Shakespeare!

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With very limited seating for other performances, 9 PM on Valentine’s Day is your best bet to see A Valentine’s Affair 2024 at the Bartell Theatre. We know it’s a Wednesday! But we also know your going-out time is valuable and that’s why we’d like you to know…

  • A Valentine’s Affair 2024 is less than 90 minutes, with no intermission. So we really mean it when we say “less than 90 minutes.” And that means you’ll be out at a reasonable time!
  • We don’t do pre-show speeches reminding you how mobile phones work, or reminding you how hard we work, or humblebragging about how much more we wish we could have charged you for your ticket. “Less than 90 minutes” really means “less than 90 minutes”!
  • Every AVA production is different. So this is your last chance to see Kate and Petruchio, Rosalind and Orlando, the madcap antics of The Comedy of Errors and the roller-coaster of Romeo and Juliet under the lights and on the Bartell stage!

Use this link to go directly to the ticketing page for February 14 at 9 PM.