Why Susan Glaspell?

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Susan Glaspell is the first American playwright Madison Shakespeare Company has presented in a full production. The reason, as Desires director Kendra C. Thompson explains, is pretty clear: she’s just that good. Hear Kendra talk about Tickless Time, the first … Continued

April fires bring May Desires

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Madison Shakespeare Company returns to live performance in May 2021 with Desires, three stories of connection and confrontation by George Bernard Shaw, Susan Glaspell, and George Cram Cook. Public performances at Tyranena Brewing Company on May 22-23 at 2 PM … Continued

Sudden Shakespeare: Hamlet on WORT-FM

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If you didn’t catch Sudden Shakespeare: Hamlet director Lennox Forrester and producer Jason Compton on WORT-FM’s Eight O’Clock Buzz this morning, listen to the replay now on the MSC YouTube channel. It’s very quotable, right from the jump when host … Continued

Hamlet in one day? Explain yourselves!

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Director Lennox Forrester took some time out from planning Sudden Shakespeare: Hamlet (oh yes, there’s planning… just not much rehearsal!) to explain just what it means to take on such a monumental play so rapidly. Tickets are selling fast! Get … Continued