A Thane We Can Believe In!

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This clever campaign button is reportedly the creation of one Amanda M of De La Salle Academy. Looks like Amanda has a good grasp on the issues, far better than Macbeth does on his kingdom. Watch it all slip away, … Continued

Gouge. Fight.

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King Lear III.7 is infamous for many reasons, and it’s becoming a Madison Shakespeare Company signature piece on the strength of its acting and fight work. Directed and choreographed by Francisco Torres, the fight features the talents of Mike Dartt, … Continued

Next Performance: April 22, Adult Swimmeth

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Madison Shakespeare Company’s next performance is April 22 at Madison Children’s Museum as part of the Adult Swimmeth event commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. We will perform two sets of scenes for the revelers, the first at 6:30 … Continued