The Merry War of Courtship

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Much Ado About Nothing features the most obviously modern of Shakespeare’s courting couples, Beatrice and Benedick. They are the direct ancestors of the ‘rom-com’ couple – the staple of Hollywood comedies since (at least) the 1930s heyday of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and of television series like the 1990s’ Friends or 1980s’ Moonlighting, where the audience is kept intrigued by the unresolved sexual tension between the sparring, apparently unsuited couple. There is no known source for Beatrice and Benedick and their unconventional courtship, whereas Shakespeare used identifiable literary sources for the more serious Claudio and Hero story.”

Get the breakdown of these uniquely classic and classically conflicted lovers in a fun and comprehensive essay. Then join us for performances of Much Ado beginning July 15 to feel the heat first-hand!