Sloshed Shakespeare: Macbeth Opens July 1

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With just a handful of performers and castoff costumes and props, somehow, Madison Shakespeare Company must carry on, barnstorming a “drunk Shakespeare” version of Macbeth from venue to venue.

It’s one Shakespearean classic, six actors, and way too much alcohol. Before the show, one (or more!) performers will be drafted to start drinking, and won’t be allowed to start until they are in no condition to perform. It’s like Drunk History crashed the Folger Library and refused to leave.

Will it be the story of a thane and his wife who bury their resentment for one another in the bottle? Of three witches who had one too many before bubbling their cauldron? Of rulership rivals Macduff and Malcolm, who may be reduced to kneeling before the throne before they can seize it?

Opens July 1 at Capital Brewery, with an additional show July 7 at Brink Lounge. Book seats now.