Hamlet cast revealed

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The cast of Sudden Shakespeare: Hamlet, performing one night only, February 29 2020 at Bartell Community Theatre features a number of familiar faces and a healthy influx of new talent.

Joshua Woolfolk – Hamlet
Sarah Z. Johnson – Gertrude
Tia Tanzer – Laertes
Patrick O’Hara – Claudius
Benjamin Olneck-Brown – Horatio
Sam D. White – Ghost
Sara Kraft – Polonius
Kailea Saplan – Ophelia
Marie Freese – Rosencrantz
Leigha Vilen – Guildenstern
James Palmer – Bernardo
Addison Smith – Francisco
Emily Williams – Marcellus
Gideon C. Elliott – Osric
Ben Ruyle – Voltimand
Jason Compton – Fortinbras
Britton Rea, Glenn Widdicombe, Madeleine O’Keefe, Lee Wilson-Hayes – Players
Jason Summerlott, Charlie Hamm – Diggers
QJ Dougall – Captain
Leslie Nagel, Evan Genest – Attendants
Rebecca Derringer, Laura Kochanowski – Ambassadors

Costumes by Jane Van Order
Stage management by Michele Brucker and Tanis Steed, assisted by Anne Asher
Directed by Lennox Forrester

Tickets on sale now.

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