Happy 10th anniversary, Madison Shakespeare Company!

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Our tenth anniversary is officially here! MSC’s Julius Caesar opened July 26, 2012.

Ten years is a long time. Our first performance home, Madison’s Breese Stevens Field, was not the rollicking modern inner city hotspot for professional soccer, tony outdoor markets, and major touring concerts it is today. It was then a largely disregarded grass field in a then largely disregarded part of town. There were no audience facilities to speak of. The locker rooms flooded with rain. Hordes of passing motorcycles drowned out major chunks of dialogue on more than one occasion.

But for four nights of an unusually hot summer, it was Rome and environs for large audiences taking in the sights and sounds of conspiracy, action, and intrigue.

Happy anniversary to the thousands who have joined us in the audience, happy anniversary to our hundreds of onstage and offstage collaborators, and thank you.